Faryar Fathi

Composer, Coder, Entrepreneur

My New App: Enso Meditation Timer

It’s been a while that I’ve been working on a little side project of mine: a meditation timer and bell app called: Ensō.

I have spent quite a bit of of time on Ensō, trying to make it as good as I possibly could. But of course, things are never as perfect as you’d like them to be. So, rather than obsessing over minor details, I decided to release the v1.0 knowing that I could improve a thing or two if I spent more time on it. But hey, there is a v1.0.1 for a reason!

It’s been a week that Ensō has appeared in the App Store and it’s been doing quite ok on its own without any marketing push or anything.

But, today, to my surprise and delight, Apple decided to make my day and featured Ensō in the Best New Apps section of the Health & Fitness category in the US app store. Thanks Apple <3

If you mediate or practice Yoga and need a timer, give Ensō a try and let me know what you think!

Here’s the link to the wesite: http://www.ensomeditationtimer.com